The traditional indications of spring include flowers, blossoms, milder temperatures, and sunny skies. One of the clear signs of spring missed by those not into vintage iron is the AACA Oley swap meet. Oley is a good chance to ride something interesting or your newly completed project. Unlike The Gathering of the Nortons, You will not usually see any new bikes at Oley. This is the realm of the ancient ones. The realm of exposed valve springs and seat springs, of strange hand controls and foot levers. And then there are the bikes!

Oley is part swap meet, part bike show, part history lesson, and it is this last that makes it such an interesting day. Chances are you can see something pre-war in action, some ancient idea that never really caught on in use, or something from an old magazine brought to life. And you can probably talk to a guy who knows more about it than the factory ever did.

You can learn the original cost of a 1925 Indian, and how much you can pay today to buy it. For the cost of parts, use the following formula; Take the current year and subtract the year of the part you are looking at. Then multiply by 5 for the low end of the range, and 10 for the upper end. So if the part is from 1935, you have 2015-1935=80*5=$400 minimum for that tail light. Indeed, Oleyonics is a course worth taking just based on the wildly diverse content and faculty. See you in class next year.

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