Baur came late to the motorcycle business, introducing its first model in 1936. However, like many others, they were producing bicycles prior to that since 1919 in Klein-Auheim. The first models were 75cc and 100cc mopeds featuring Ilo or Fictel&Sachs engines. Of course, their timing ws terrible, and war soon redirected their efforts. Following the war, they resumed production in 1949 with the model 150 which did fairly well. They quickly expanded to produce a variety of small displacement machines, and became well regarded for quality and styling. While they used telescoping forks up front, they continued to employ wide sprung saddles rather than adopt rear suspension. Then they made a costly mistake. They decided to produce their own engine. It was a 248cc four stroke engine. It was a success from a styling perspective, but they badly underestimated the teething problems of a brand new engine, and ran into financial problems. The banks finally forced Bauer to close the doors in 1953. The name, however, is now owned by Pantherwerke, and has remained active periodically on bicycles.

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