OK, this machine clearly wins the award for the purchase closest to home. Perhaps a mile as the crow flies, and 3 on the roads. I called on a Craigslist ad, and the seller had a buyer coming to see it the next morning. I told him to call afterward if it was for sale, and he said just show up at 12:30 unless I call you. OK. I show up he talks for a while about his troubles getting it to run, and the lengthy wait times of the BMW dealers. I suspect the HES which is a known issue on these machines. We exchange money and title. I am about to leave when another appointment shows up. It turns out to be my friend Todd! Todd is more of a 4 wheel guy, so I was surprised to see him, but perhaps he smelled a deal too. ¬†Anyway, I had to tow it back home. Even as close as it was, this is not a bike to push any distance….

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