BMW Motorcycle dealers seem to fall into two basic camps; local/regional dealers, and national dealers. Bob’s is in the latter group. National dealers have recognition and appeal beyond their local market and become “destination” dealers. Harley Davidson has the same phenomenon (and probably invented the concept). Bob’s stands out for a few reasons. First, it has a thriving mail order business and caters to vintage machines. That has been helpful more than once. Second, they appear nationally at rallies and other events. Third, they have a small onsite museum..

The museum is always a good excuse to stop by. It is not large, but it is packed with significant machines and unobtanium memorabilia. An R80 G/S is a personal favorite, but many other items command your interest. ¬†Among them, a restored 1929 R57, and a great cutaway of a vintage boxer engine and gearbox. Bob’s is always worth a visit.

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