The problem was the bars on the R850R. They were at an angle that pained my hands if riding for any significant length of time. On top of that, they were non-adjustable, since they were not a regular handlebar. While looking around for solutions, I stumbled across some machines for sale, and began to think. It would be nice to have a 6th gear on the highway, and heated grips would be really nice…and waterproof luggage……

And then I stumbled across a local deal on this F800ST, a bike that I had never even considered before. It checks all the boxes, and was priced to move. I called about a trade, and boom, the deal was done. Althoug it is a clear upgrade in jumping 10 years forward, it is not perfect. The windscreen is still buffeting city, and the tank is not much bigger. The very good news is that they are still produced today, and an aftermarket exists ! Minimal Ebay cruising should have it fettled in short order.

BMW Stock Photo

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