Well, what better way to test the bike than to take it to a local rally that would involve a fair amount of road riding followed by a significant amount of off-road. Roughly 500 miles round trip not including the off-road while there. Following the maintenance, the machine got loaded with luggage and camping gear. Getting there was via trailer through state and national parks, and B roads. There was no interstate, so it took 7 hours to get there. The Rally itself was in a great spot with great riding nearby. A small selection of quality vendors, but the food options could use improvement.  On the way back, it was a mixture of B roads and about 60 miles of interstate. The X handled this surprisingly well, especially laden with rider and full luggage. The Wolfman tail bag was excellent, but I could have really used a tankbag. All in all, an impressive outing for the machine, and the gear.

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