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  1. My favorite BMW of all time, has to be the model 507, but I really can’t think of any BMW, I would not like to own. What a line up… Of course the 2002 tii are legendary. Then we have Bavarians, 3.0CS, 633, M3, M5, Z3, Z4, etc, etc. where do you stop. Recently I became very curious and intrigued over the 750iL V12. Imagine that, a V12 in a modern luxury sedan. Then I was told to stay away from the V12 and stick with the 535 series, straight six….their bread and butter engine!
    I always wanted to own a BMW automobile, but so far, it has not happened. Someday…..

    1. Todd, you have impeccable taste with that lineup !! I am fortunate to have owned many 4 wheeled and 2 wheeled BMWs, but the classic and vintage items hold special appeal. They were over-engineered, and form certainly followed function in those days. With the exception of cars like the 3.0 CS, they were not always stylistically beautiful, but they were mechanically beautiful. Cheers

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