The power is ridiculous. It is more than you need, which is what we all want. Even in the limited breakin mode, where the highly visible shift light comes on at 7200 rpm, it is ample. Acceleration feels almost violent, and it is very comparable to the RC51 (a sport bike weighing a few hundred pounds less!). I am concerned about the TKC80s staying in one piece if even 3/4 of the full power is in use. Roll-on power is equally impressive in most gears. Beyond fun.

However, there are also a few other surprises. A negative surprise is the seat. It was horrible for just 200 miles, and will need an upgrade right away. A positive is the wind screen. Although short, it produced no buffeting or turbulence at highway speeds. I am not sure if it is aerodynamics, or the gap created in the higher position, but it works. Another small negative is that the handlebar controls are not backlit. Every function uses these, and they are not easy to use with gloves. Perhaps they will become intuitive over time.

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