You often don’t realize how many small things you have done to a machine over a long time. It is only in their absence that you come to the full realization that they are of some importance.bag. One example, is the tank bag. I have always been a fan of small rather than large for this key piece of luggage. Like most modern bikes, the KTM does not have a metallic tank, so the options are a strap bag or a gas tank ring. After fair amount of online shopping and comparison, I decided on a twisted throttle ION model in the Micro size. It turns out that the mechanism for mounting these has not changed since the original SW Motech bag that I still had from years ago, so this choice allows me to put that tank bag back into service or to go with the simple micro unit. Brilliant. Next up was a side stand enlarger. The online comments about the stock footpeg are true. It has a very small footprint, and will be useless on any softer surface. I found a nice machined piece online with an orange anodized finish.

Larger items include the seat. After years of riding, you get to know your derrière. I had some sense after just 200 miles, but by 550 miles I was convinced that the stock seat was not going to work for a full day in the saddle. The KTM comfort seat had decent reviews and is reasonably priced. With my new bike discount, it was a no brainier to try this option. Last, the touring windshield was a similar case. Although the stock seemed to work well, the touring promises even better protection during the colder months. A full ride with these options will be coming up.

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