Americade is one of those events that has forever been on the list to attend, but which has never actually happened. Until this year. The planets finally aligned, and a trip to the event was possible. With a couple of caveats. First, there would be no time for the scenic meandering journey around picturesque upstate NY.  Second, the weather on day 2 was suspect with significant rain in the forecast. It was a beautiful summer day for the ride up to Lake George. A little chilly at speed in the early morning, but perfect by noon.

As you would expect from the 2nd largest gathering of motorcycles in the USA, there were many bikes going in all directions once you got within 30 miles of Lake George. The constabulary was out in force as well, considering this to be a prime revenue-generating opportunity. At the site, there are multiple venues and a full schedule of activities on all days going late into the night. The vendor

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