The garage has seen enough machines come and go to have a decent assortment of luggage laying about. Of course, most of it is for vintage iron, so it is of no help to anything modern. In this case, the Sertao is a capable multi-day machine, and so it needs some luggage capacity. Soft luggage is the obvious choice since we already have the Wolfman bags. However, they really need a rack. I looked once again at the Mosko Moto gear and that needs a rack as well. So I ordered the Givi rack because it seems to give me the most options for soft, hard, existing. They installed quickly and included an ingenious expansion bolt solution to attach to the passenger footpeg mount. They feel sturdy, and it was easy to mount the Wolfman soft luggage. Up front, the Chase Harper 450 tankbag is a decent fit, and since the fuel filler is in the rear, the straps are not a constant pain.

To test everything out along with the XD3 helmet and the PlugUp ear phones, I went for a couple of hours ride in the area and ran some errands. On the way back, I did a small section of gravel road to see how everything felt when the road got unpaved. The luggage worked fine, and the carrying capacity is now up to par. The one criticism of the bike that I would offer is the rear rack. Because the seat is released from inside the small rear hatch, you cannot really mount any permanent tail rack or luggage. It needs to be a soft solution as well ……

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