Today after getting a new permit, we rode some of the cook national forest. The trails were similar to Allegheny, but with longer stretches of double track. It was dusty in groups, so I waited for a gap to ride solo. By now, the Sertao feels comfortable in the dirt and gravel. it helps to have sorted out the ABS setting! It has gaps between gearing which seem a bit odd, but once you know, you can plan accordingly. The rear brakes are all I use off-road, and they have excellent control and feel, allowing you to slide the rear. The suspension worked very well also, handling big whoops and loose rear traction with ease. Rocky sections did feel like I was pounding the heck out of the chain and sprocket, but they were all in good shape at the end of the day. I did manage to lose one of the roundels, which is pretty good compared to some of the banged up machines returning to camp.

Out of the Cook forest, I headed east and rode some great roads up toward Bradford and Brockway and ended up down around the hamlet of Munderf in Amish country. I must have looked like an alien astronaut to the Amish children watching and waving as I passed. It was a hot day, and I stopped outside of Brookville for a cone at one of the disappearing drive-up ice cream stands. A few more pleasant miles returned me to camp. A dinner and cold beer on tap was followed by the raffle where I won a set of Giant Loop Proghorn straps! Another good day for me, but not for everyone, as two seriously damaged GS bikes came back to camp on trailers….

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