A $23 air bed and the use of my ear plugs made all the difference in the world. A solid 7 hours of sleep. I sat and watched dawn turn to day once again in the solitude of the campground. I charged the phone via the single portlet outlet on the bike, which reminded me that I must add another outlet up front, as it is not in a good location to use while underway.

After breakfast, it is off to Hamburg via mostly pavement with a few segments of dirt crossing from PA into NY. The dirt was easy forest service roads. The pavement was interesting in sections, following route 62 north through sections of Amish country, and dying towns that once thrived during the hey day of logging and mining. Through towns like Poland and Persia before getting to Eden. Eventually Hamburg and registration. Fortunately, I managed to find one of the last shady spots for the tent.

A portion of the Giants crew reassembled for dinner and the night’s entertainment. A short but violent thunderstorm whipped through the rally grounds in the middle of the night sending tents flying and knocking down a few tree limbs. The Columbia stayed put thanks to the tree line, and stayed dry inside as well despite water settling on the tarp. Job done.

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