You might think that we are talking about the space shuttle, but you would be wrong. This is about the raging debate online regarding the heat produced by the rear cylinder which is uncomfortably hot for the rider’s butt and thighs. KTM recognized this issue by adding under seat heat foil, which lessened the problem through the seat, but which did nothing for the hear coming up around the seat. Well the Internet came to the rescue, and KTMWORLD sold a heat deflector kit. It consists of two pieces of plastic which are intended to simply reroute the heat away from the back of your thighs. There are other solutions including changing the header pipe which is thought to be the main culprit, and bigger better side shields. This solution was inexpensive, and made only minimal changes to the appearance of the bike.

On a short 20 minute each way ride, I did not feel the heat at all. Now this is not the same as a long ride in 90+ degree heat, but it seems like an impressive 10 minute fix so far. More to come…..

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