This started at the GS Giants rally, where a riding partner had a Pelican case on the rear of his R12GS. Nothing unusual there, as I have had a case on the back of the R100GSPD, and the R12GSA, and the R1150GSA. In fact, I still have the case. However, it was the rack and mounting method that caught my attention at the rally. It was easily removed from the rack in a few seconds, unlike my fixed attachments. It had mounting pucks, keeping it firmly attached.

I asked Emil about his rack, and he indicated that it was from a North Carolina company called BRE breaking into the adventure market. I sent them an email to see if they had a rack for the 1190R. They said a prototype was in process. I indicated that I would like to order the first production unit. And so it was that I got the unit before they even had instructions for the KTM.  The rack fit well using spacers and the existing handle assembly. I used J B Weld to close up the former mounting holes. After miles of off-road and on-road, the case stays firmly attached, and it is great to have this case back on a bike.

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