Porsche napkins, Porsche water, a Porsche Super 90 Cabriolet on display, an RS2 parked at the entrance, and yet, this was not a white tablecloth gathering at the country club exclusively for the well-heeled. It was an open house for a shop in Allentown, PA. Specialty Cars is a small shop in a nondescript industrial park, and, when closed, does not really hint at the jewels that regularly flow through the doors. On this day, it was clear. In the driveway, and on the streets surrounding the shops, was an impressive array of Porshes from vintage to the very latest.

Customers and friends of owner Mark Burkit turned out to ogle cars, shoot the breeze, and eat bratwurst hot dogs. Dick brought his lovely 993, Ed brought his 912, Bruce brought his SC, and Girt showed up with his 02 to disturb the Porsche lineup. There were many special cars in and around the shop including a 1966 911 in need of a total restoration, Nick’s award-winning IROC replica resplendent in blue, and the aforementioned 356 Cabriolet. Shops like Specialty Cars are becoming more and more rare. A family-owned businesses that is equally comfortable doing race prep or restoring a 356, and which cooks a mean bratwurst…..


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