During the GS Giant rally, the bike had some long hard days. With the machine having 3000 miles, I felt it was time for an oil change. I also had a drain plug from Dimple that was ready to install. It was short work draining the sump and then the oil tank using the vacuum extractor. Two and a half liters of BMW oil which is ridiculously expensive went back in along with a new oil filter and o-ring. The drained oil was pretty clean, and there were no visible particulates. One of these days I will send some off for analysis….There was also a harmonic rattle/vibration on takeoff which turned out to be a front bolt for the Touratech bash plate. This time it gets loctite.

This machine continues to impress, with how smooth it feels at highway speed’s, and the resulting gas mileage. It easily handles 70 to 80 mph without much of the buzz that you would associate with a single. It also delivers 50 miles per gallon at 75 to 80 mph, and I know that it is significantly better at lower speeds.  the F800ST delivered better gas mileage than this, but it had a full fairing, a good windshield, and street tires.

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