Rust is an unwelcome intruder that needs no invitation.  In fact, the mere absence of something to block rust leads to it permeating your metal. First, it is on the outside surfaces as light oxidation and it does not seem too threatening. However,  I have seen plenty of metal rust from the inside out only to be discovered when it is far too late.  In this case, it is the fairing that is to blame. It attaches to the frame using hose clamps, but ultimately the supports are mild steel.  Add dirt and wind and rain, and it does not take long for that corrosion to work its way in between the fairing supports and your frame. The fasteners between fairing and supports were also non-stainless, so they needed a shot of penetrant and a brief soak in order to come loose. You can see how rusty the connection points were in the photo.

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