A cool and cloudy morning left the roads completely clear in the early morning. That gave the 1190R a chance to clear its’ lungs. The twisty roads leading to Snow Shoe allowed for spirited progress and the most acute lean angles that we would dare on TKC’s. A turn to the east entered the Sproul State Forest, and off onto the first gravel road. The Sproul Forest is an alternating patchwork of heavily wooded forest and meadows. The danger of the early hour was that the deer were active, and quite a few were startled by the 1190R. Fortunately, no close calls. However, once back on paved roads, we did have a close encounter with a Black bear walking her two cubs across the road in a very leisurely manner. It was hard on the brakes, and then we pulled over to watch them play for a minute before they scampered away. An incredible experience.

Then it was back off-road for a while before emerging not far from Renovo. The road from Renovo to Loch Haven is a great ribbon of sweeping curves following the river. This was another test of the cornering capabilities and lean angles of the TKC’s which were surprisingly good, but squirmy. After a brief stop for breakfast, it was a 30 mile highway blast before returning to twisty roads to finish off.

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