From 1952 to 1957,¬†Fahrzeugwerke¬†Kanneberg produced stylish scooters featuring “Jet Age” design. The key design element was a jet turbine looking feature beneath the seat, but they also had side air scoops and a smooth front end profile. The scooters were very well regarded from a quality and styling perspective, but they were high-priced. They also produced a three-wheeled commercial vehicle with a front-wheel mounted engine.

Eventually, the high pricing killed sales, and production ended in 1957.

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  1. I love the jet turbine styling and overall appearance and wouldn’t mind adding one to the collection. My all time favorite scooter is still the Maico Mobil, followed by the Heinkel, then the Han Glas’ Goggomobil scooter. BMW bought out Han Glas in 1966 because they wanted the timing belt and overhead cam designs, plus their well qualified engineering team that was working for Glas. This Faka is very attractive to me as a collector and high on my list of scooters…would just love to own one of these !!

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