All of a sudden, a few maladies have begun to pop up. The first is the fuel garage. This is well documented on the forums, but the mystery is why this has persisted across models and years ! In the case of KTM, it is a simple manufacturing flaw with the fuel guage float. It gets wedged at the top of its travel, and then reads full forever. It also results in an errant mileage range estimate. Forums suspect that it causes range to read in km rather than miles, giving you 440 (in my case) to go.

The fix is to remove the plastics, pull out the fuel guage tube, open it up, lightly sand the float, and reinstall everything. In my case, there was a noticeable burr on the float that was probably the culprit. It was a 30 min annoyance to fix. I cannot say why it took 2600 miles to start happening, but some suspect that the float swells in the combination of warmer times and fuel chemicals. Regardless, this is an inexcusable issue not to have been remedied on a machine in this price range, and with this much electronic sophistication.

Now reading correctly…

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