Today was a chance to play around on paved roads. It was also a chance to spend some time in Sport Mode to see how the machine handled. It is the one mode that I have not really used much. Off-road gets frequent use, as does Street. I have used rain mode a few times in the wet. So for this outing, I found a twisty section and changed modes on the fly which is a really cool feature. The most obvious difference is the throttle response. It is noticeably more sensitive, and I had to be careful mid corner, particularly with the TKCs. Truth be told, I found it a bit snatchy. There is no automated suspension, so nothing happens there. There are changes to traction control, and ABS as well in sport mode, but I was nowhere near the limits that would sample that. In the end, I like Street Mode better. It may not be as sharp, but for my riding, it feels more suitable, and delivers all the power this beast has to offer.

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