I added a quick 75 miles in order to scrub in the tires. It was a mix of mostly back curvy roads, with 10 miles of gravel, and 15 miles of interstate. With fresh tires on a chilly day, there was no intention to push the limits, but the tires are obviously much smoother and quieter than the TKC80s. Turn in for even mild corners is much easier, and the squishy feel when leaned over is gone. Straight line speed has a lot less vibration, and I was able to briefly sample triple digit speeds (closed course, professional driver). On the gravel roads sampled today, I was not able to tell much difference. The rear obviously breaks loose much easier, but it seems to handle pack gravel just as well as the 80s. I am sure that corners and rougher stuff are where the differences will be apparent, but today the 70s looked very competent on all surfaces.

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