No, not that kind of footwear. It has admittedly been a while between posts, but not a lot has been happening with the Coupe. This entry is due to the good folks at Bavarian Autosport relentlessly sending emails with cool stuff. A great way to protect your floor mats from the ravages of footwear and from the variety of abrasives on the bottom of said footwear, is to get some quality floor mats. Lloyd is well known in the arena of quality floor mats, and BavAuto had a deal on the translucent plastic mats designed to cover nice mats. They took a little while to arrive, because they are made to order for your specific vehicle. I am impressed with the precision fit, and the protection. Now when it is wet, or when there is some sand/dirt on the shoes, there are no worries stepping into the Coupe.

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