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  1. I enjoyed the read. Interesting choice for a cross-country road trip. I see he has a Nimbus waiting in the wings in Colorado if the MZ decides it had enough. I purchased my first MZ earlier this year at the York Swap Meet. It’s a mid-sixties 250es with a MZ sidecar. It appears it was a rig from the start. Not a beauty queen, but it’s in decent condition. With a little TLC it could be a local rider and parts runner….I hope so anyway. Haven’t kick it over yet. What sold me was the fuel cap, which is similar to the one in the photo in a recent blog, listing the years of all the ISDT victories. That’s priceless!!

    1. Todd, he is a truly adventurous spirit! It sounds like you made a cool new purchase. I hope we will see it at some point.

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