This took decades. The desire goes back to childhood, the opportunities along the way were several, but not until now was there the right mix to make it happen. Something was always not quite right. The timing, or the Bus itself, or the price, or lack of storage. Unless you have property and large buildings, a project Bus is not easily tucked into the empty spot in the garage. They are also daunting projects if not already in good shape, and that was true even before their meteoric rise in price.

But finally, price, condition, location, timing came together and a 13 window in good shape joined the garage. This Bus has been restored, and the sheet metal is in great shape. The undercarriage is also in very good shape. It was reportedly purchased from an auction at some point, so a few sets of eyes have been upon it. The one caveat here is the lack of paperwork, as in none. I am told that is not unusual, but I always provide a folder of stuff, so I expect the same. In particular, a restored vehicle should show off the work done and money spent.

The bus is repainted in an original color, but not the correct color for this vehicle. It is missing the middle seat, and a number of other smaller items, but the metal is most important, and it is in good shape there.

Other than that, it is great to get a real BUS in good shape into the garage after what can almost be described as a lifelong search.

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