As always, there are a number of smaller things that need attention. Some immediate, some on the wish list. When owning a Bus, safety becomes a big deal.  At their best, these vehicles did not stop or accelerate well, and in the context of modern driving, they really really don’t stop or accelerate well. This takes away a few of the more important options you have for avoiding issues. In addition, the bus attracts attention. So you become a magnet for people who are only half piaying attention to what they’re doing and half paying attention to the bus.  The following items have been identified upfront and are being addressed in some fashion.

The brakes. They pull to the left in the front. Not fun when you drive on the right!

The Horn. Dead and replaced for now with a generic auto parts store piece. A huge safety device in this vehicle.

Tail light visibility. Replacement LED bulbs on the way.

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