The thin white wall tires look great on the bus. They are cosmetically great to look at. However, they were passenger tires that made cornering on the bus a pretty scary proposition. I did not really notice this as much driving the bus solo, but it in an outing with four guests, it really got to be sketchy in anything other than a mild corner. This helped to point out the fact that the sidewall flex was probably already at dangerous levels. Therefore, as nice as they looked, they needed to be replaced with true light truck load rating C or D tires.  The folks at simple tire again came through with a great deal on some tires from a brand called Winrun. Their R350 model in 195/70/15 size. This is not a brand I had any familiarity with but the reviews seem to indicate that they were fairly good and this bus will not get a ton of mileage in any case. And initial outing  immediately confirmed that the tires were a big contributor to the quartering issues. The bus feels a lot safer in the corners.

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