A decent garage session accomplished a few of the items needed to get ready for the carpet install. First was the installation of some sound deadening. After some looking around, I went with Kilmat, as it is relatively thin, so it adds less weight. The goal is just to mitigate some of the noise in this car, not to make it quiet. Installation is straight forward once you have a roller. It takes a bit of work in areas with compound curves as you might expect, but overall I am happy with the product. Second was adapting the seat mounting plates to the 02. This involved drilling some new holes in the plates and in the mounting brackets. Nothing major, and nothing that prevents a return to fully stock if needed. Then there was the mod for the accelerator pedal. A simple hinge replaces the “nubs” that are missing on this replacement floor. Lastly, I ran some speaker wiring while the coast was clear and the console was out. Almost ready for carpet test fitting….

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