One of the concentric circle test loops took place at dusk. It was a deliberate attempt to see how the lighting and the electrical system overall was working under load. The good news is that everything worked except for a dodgy brake light. The headlights look cool with the original warm yellowish glow, but they were not up to the modern expectation for light output. Nor were they up to moderate speeds on dark backroads. Since this car is a “Bitsa” project, I unearthed a set of halogen driving lights from the stash. They even have black stone guards. They are a far cry from the vintage Cibie lights I would like, but they were none of those in the stash. Next step was to locate a switch. No problem there, as the stash produced a stock switch that got mounted in the center console. The cool look of the headlights is now complemented upon request, by some more effective driving lights.

As a surprise bonus, I found a few items lodged down between the bottom of the radiator, and the bottom of the front valence. They were a 10mm bolt, and a rusty 10mm deep socket !! The socket actually cleaned up nicely and got added to the toolbox.

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