A relatively nearby event provided a good reason to get the Bus out for some exercise. A nice cool morning made the early run to e starting point a pleasant trip with little traffic. We arrived early and thought we had the wrong date or location, until a couple of Beetles showed up. Soon after, more arrived, and there were about 30 vehicles in all. A real mixture of old and new with a few Turbo New Beetles, A Vanagon Westy, a nice Ghia, a few Super Beetles, a Squareback, a high top Bay, and more. The event was a drive, but a slow one, so it formed quite the procession down the backroads. The group ended up at a big car show to finish, but we peeled off due to other priorities.

The Bus ran fine without issues, and draws attention even among the faithful. The one drawback to this outing was the local wildlife. Love Bugs !!!! Not the VW kind, ironically, but the flying insects that blanket the state for a short time each year. Their remains are one of the strongest adhesives known to man, so you need to get them cleaned off right away! Not pleasant, but a small price to pay for nice outing.

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