It is a rare fan of vintage iron, that does not also possess a few other items which indicate that they are a fan. Who do you know that is a fan of a marque and yet does not have a t-shirt or a key fob, or a baseball cap? It is almost required. And for the serious fan, books and wall art and more logo wear and a scale replica, are likely to be owned. However, at the level we are calling passion, the items and accessories lean to the more obscure. At this level, money is not the key criteria. With enough money, you could purchase a Mercedes dealership, but it would not necessarily prove passion for the marque. Rarity is more of a key criteria. There are other key criteria as well. The extent to which your passion has invaded other areas of your life, for instance. In true Classic Velocity fashion then, here are three levels of passion.

LEVEL 1 – Unique items in a space you control.

Exhibit A is this paper towel dispenser. Somebody went to a great deal of trouble to transform this utilitarian item, into something worthy of a Porsche garage. There are extra bonus points here, because as you can see if you look carefully at the lower right of the picture, there is a routine paper towel dispenser close by. So the Porsche dispenser is essentially now just a ceremonial piece of artwork. After all, it just would not do to have greasy finger prints on such a piece. It certainly satisfies this level to have an item that you cannot necessarily purchase, and one that took time and effort to create.

LEVEL 2 – Spillage into other areas of life.

Exhibit B1 is the VW Bus Birdhouse. It is nicely adorned with a flower motif suitable for your garden. It is a fine example of your passion extending to unrelated areas of your life. The birdhouse has a thoughtful drainage hole, and a keyring on the roof so that it can be hung. Lastly, it is a Bay window camper model, so it is entirely appropriate for a residence. Nicely done.

Exhibit B2 is this Audi Birthday Cake. Besides the obvious artistry, and good taste (you see what we did there) of the item, it says that friends and family obviously recognize your passion and decide that there is nothing better for your annual celebration of time on the planet, than to incorporate your favorite marque.

LEVEL 3 – Personal commitment.

Exhibit C are these tattoos. You just can’t get much more passionate than a permanent modification to your person. Assuming this did not happen after a wild night in Vegas of which you have no recollection, this is the ultimate way to say I identify with this marque. The BMW ripped skin tattoo earns extra bonus points, as it implies that your passion goes much more than skin deep. When people are arguing about how much they love their marque, you display either of these and end the argument.

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