The various alerts produced by the monitoring systems continue to be at once effective and intrusive. In this case, an early morning ride resulted in tire pressure warnings. The good news is that I would have missed these without the warning. At 33 psi rear and 29 psi front, they were not critical, but I decided to stop and top up.

Which brings me to a pet peeve. Why do gas station air dispensers insist on ends that are unusable for most motorcycles? Nothing worse than wrestling to get the air hose onto your valve stem while dodging spikes and hoping you have enough time left to do both tires!! I have one of those right angle adapters for just this scenario, but they render the readings from the pump very inaccurate. Anyway, $3 and some gymnastics later, I had the pressures in range and headed off to complete an otherwise nice morning ride.

if you are going to add fancy new electronics to ADV bikes, a built in compressor that can air tires up and down would be more a more practical option than many currently in the catalog. IMHO.

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