One of the scariest actions you can contemplate on a perfectly good bus, is to cut the body. Whether it is for a sunroof or a bolt hole, it just seems wrong to make a hole in perfectly good sheet metal. It is compounded by the fact that it introduces another place for rust to attack. This explains the procrastination that resulted in the parts for the shore power modification sitting around for a few weeks. I also wanted to know where the cabinetry would layout, but that was a flimsy excuse. The location chosen is on the long wall right about where the kitchen would be if this were a Westy. Once taped, the hole saw came out and after measuring for the 7th time, I fan ally drilled the hole and dressed it with some POR-15.

The mounting then required four small holes like satellites around the main one. The connector and a small punch were used for the template. Once mounted, attention turned to the interior. Wire from a 240v dryer cord was used to exceed any possible usage. It was routed through the original ashtray, which avoided another hole in the interior panel. This is a bit moot, since it will all be in the back of the cabinetry, eventually ending in a GFCI outlet. In the end, mission accomplished.