Hexe produced mopeds and small motorcycles in Duisburg Germany, from 1955 to 1966. There had been a previous Hexe in the 1920s which was unrelated. The name is a strange one, as it translates to Witch in English, and it would not seem to be a good association for a motorcycle in any language. This is perhaps why they were also branded as Amelung, after founder Carl Amelung. By the late 1950s, Hexe was producing both Touring and Super Sport versions of its premier 50cc machine. The touring version featured a more comfortable quasi step-through configuration and a luggage rack. The Super Sport was more of a traditional single seat layout. Both featured Sachs engines, telescopic forks, pressed steel frames, and premium fit and finish. Although the Hexe brand ended in 1966, Carl Amelung Fahrzeugfabrik continued to produce Mopeds until 1973.