There is really no excuse for this. The Vanagon windshield washer bottle is located beneath the driver side pedal area in a triangular space between frame rails with plastic mounting tabs on two different horizontal planes. It is filled from said floor area by way of an S tube filler neck with a conical grommet into the actual reservoir. WHY !!!!????

The previous Bay window put a much simpler setup in the passenger foot area. The Splitty put it on the parcel shelf on the driver side. What is it with the bus and the washer reservoir? Of all the vehicles in the world, the VW Bus has to be one of the easiest to package and find space. And under the van, it is exposed to the elements and damage. It is no wonder that many buses have broken tabs (like mine) or leaking bottles (like mine) or some rigged solution. A new bottle is $100 and they are scarce.

Anyway, enough of a rant. I bought one in the hope that it will last 30 years. I installed rubber washers on the mounting tabs hoping to quell vibration and lengthen life.