They make such a difference. The bulbous appendages are replaced with streamlined units that match the countours of the body. It makes you wonder why the US versions were ever produced. I am talking of course, about the infamous turn signal lenses that were an affliction on US cars and a thing of beauty by contrast on european versions. The reason, of course, was that the newly safety-conscious US DOT regulations wanted a certain amount of visibility front and side. One simple, but ugly way to get there was to increase the surface area of the lens, while keeping the base the same to avoid modifications to the body shell. Voila, US turn signal lenses.

Fast forward 45 years, and the end result of this is a thriving trade in Euro lenses. They are highly sought after, and limited in supply, so the price goes up. The italian version, with split amber and white lenses are even more rare due to numbers produced. There is a set of the Italian/Touring/Cabrio lenses on Ebay at the moment for $1500 !! Oh, and that is without shipping. There are now plastic reproductions and of course you can still source OEM units from Germany if your needs require it and your wallet allows it.

After passing up deals over the years (regrettably), I found a pair via a local 02 club Member. They are almost too nice for the car, but there you have it. Unfortunately, this scenario is playing out over a number of vehicles as the market grows/shrinks. I have purchased whole cars for less than the price of a set of so-so seats today. In fact, I purchased an 02 in 1997 for less than those Italian lenses! Throw nothing away!

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