The production Porsche 911 did not appear until the mid 1960s, but as early as 1959, work was beginning on the successor to the popular 356. The prototype with the most direct visual linkage tjo the eventual 911 is the type 954, or the t7. It was styled by Butzi, and had the front end that we all recognize. The rear however was more like the notchback. Reportedly, Ferry Porsche preferred the fastback styling of the 356, and Butzi returned to the drafting table to come up with the iconic shape that continues to this day. In the process, the vehicle also lost the true rear seats in favor of the jump seats. To power the new model, Porsche truncated a version of its racing flat 8s into a flat 6. An overhead cam and a dry sump system was developed to complete the power plant. The result is the iconic design and layout that went on to last for 3 decades before water cooling changed the power plant. Even then, the basic shape survives to this day.

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  1. Wayne, a friend of mine has a friend who I have met who owns a VERY early 911. He is a Honda aficionado but lives nearby in Oley. Might be a story for you.

    Mac Kirkpatrick

  2. Very interesting, I’m glad they changed the early design. The 911 has to go down as one of the all time classic designs.

  3. Great to see that beautiful perfection was/is a process.. A fine line to play/challenge the ultimate; 911 already for so many years.

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