April is obviously crazy diagnostics month. For the 2nd time in a few days, a machine has led me down a trail towards a false positive. I did a tune upon the /7 back in October. New air filter, new plugs, oil change. Suddenly it would start on choke, and even get to a lumpy idle after warming up, but never seemed to be running smoothly. I suspected one of the inline fuel filters, and checked the flow back at the garage. Flow was fine. Then I checked to make sure that spark was happening consistently, and once again all was well. That left a relatively new spark plug as the suspect. Maybe 60 miles since installation. After pulling the plug, it had the perfect light Brown color of a well running machine. It was also still very new in terms of how it looked. However, it was apparently not firing at all for some time, or intermittently. Rummaging through the parts crate produced a BP6ES From NGK, which was quickly inserted and all was well.

I would never have suspected a brand new spark plug of being bad. In fact, I don’t think I have ever had a bad spark plug. Oh well, one to grow on…

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