Regular readers of the blog will know that it is often the little things that end up consuming copious amounts of time energy and sometimes cost. In this case, the quest to improve the emblem took on a short life of its own. On a recent journey to a state park, the emblem simply fell off when we closed the rare hatch! This was fortunate, as it could have fallen off on the road anywhere and been completely lost. No problem, I thought, will just get a new one , and see if there are some humorous options out there. This is after all, a VW bus.

First of all, cheap replacements for this plastic emblem do not seem to exist. Second, a refurbishing kit, which consists of stickers to replace the worn out reflective mylar is available, but take time and patience to install correctly. I opted for time and patience. It was not a bad process, although the “GL” section was a bit nerve racking as you have one shot to get it right, and the mylar is super thin and flimsy. I decided to get some proper emblem and trim adhesive so that it stays put. In the end, for this bus, it came out fine.

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