This is the second post about items that should not be needed on a premium motorcycle. In this case, a fender extension. The stock fender stops short of protecting the front of the engine case, and this results in dirt and grime and rocks pummeling the case over time. Besides the irritation of cleaning it periodically, the buildup of grunge can impact cooling. I cannot understand why BMW and other manufacturers create a front fender which is six inches too short. In the grand scheme of things, another $40 for the extension is not the point. It is the need to do it at all.

In any case, a Pyramid extender was sourced, and the installation involved cleaning with some alcohol pads, and application of the double-sided adhesive blocks. I also opted to use the four push rivets for added insurance. The job was awkward in spots as I did this with the fender on the bike. I used a block of plastic between the fender and tire to ensure I did not drill into my Pirellis. Looks good, works well.

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