62MPH equals 100KPH, which is technically doing the metric ton. It is not very fast these days, but it is not slow either. It happens to be the exact speed that is in harmony with this particular Toaster in its top gear, which is 4th. Vibrations are at a pleasing frequency, the engine feels smoother, and progress seems more than adequate for empty country roads. Any faster, and you have the sense that the Toaster is starting to make strenuous effort. Any slower, and it urges you toward a more optimal level of operation. It is the “Goldilocks” speed and RPM. There is also the sense that the machine will happily live here forever. As if other combinations of speed and RPM are interruptions, or tolerated transient stages toward this natural equilibrium. In the cool of the early morning, on an empty country road, in the middle of nowhere, with a wide smile greeting a rising sun, it seems like this equilibrium extends to the entire universe…..

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