Bug Jam 2019

For an outdoor weekend event complete with camping in November, Florida sounds like the right place. And so it is every year that thousands make […]

BMW MOA Rally 2019

5:07am Lebanon, TN. I am standing in darkness that has a tinge of the coming dawn. It is a cool if not slightly chilly 63 […]

Mid America 02 Fest 2019

For 19 years, the Mid America 02 Fest has taken place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas with a brief departure to Hermann Missouri some time ago. […]

No Dough 2019

It has been mentioned before on these pages, that behind many of the events that we have witnessed and enjoyed, is a person with a […]

Limerock 2018

The annual pilgrimage to Limerock Motorsports Park is always great for vintage racing, and a lovely drive through bucolic northwestern Connecticut. This year, Bugatti was […]

MOA Rally 2018

With all due respect, the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa would not be on the top 10 list of places to go see in […]

The Cult Turns 50

In the course of the average human life, you don’t get to celebrate too many 50 year anniversaries that happened entirely on your watch. Even […]

Martin Classics 2018

This year, for the first time in many, we missed the Martin Moto Classics show. It always coaxes local, and now with growth, regional owners […]

NYC IMS 2017

As seen through the eyes of a vintage enthusiast, this annual pilgrimage is a chance to see what is new and trendy, and to lay […]

Limerock 2017

For us, Labor Day weekend is synonymous with the Limerock Vintage Motorsports Weekend. The event has graced these pages many times before (see Lapping Limerock […]

In Season

One of the sure signs that we are back in the riding/driving season, is that the gatherings of the clans become routine once again. Breakfast […]

Hershey 2017

The weather forecast was not helpful. Not that this is unusual for an April event in Pennsylvania. We have attended this event in snow flurries, […]

Modern Classics 2017

Here in the wintry northeast USA, we have invented a number of great ways to break the grip of winter on our 2-wheeled hearts. Among […]

Vintage Dirt

There are significant pros and cons to some aspect of your passion becoming cool. In the pro column, parts can become available again, magazines run […]

NYC IMS 2016

The International Motorcycle Show  (IMS) comes to NYC once per year and used to fall right in the of the non-riding season where it was […]

Clash of the Marques

It had been a long time since the tribe gathered at the traditional summer breakfast spot along the river. The impending end of the driving […]