Rubber Change

So there I was, longing for the old days when changing a tire was as simple as slipping out the axle and removing the wheel. […]

Back in the Saddle

Somehow, the R60 has just been neglected at the back of the garage. Part of the issue is that with the cramped space something has […]

Side Sight

The passenger side wing mirror has been a longtime thorn in the …..wait for it…..side. the base block was worn out and my spare was […]

The Fender Extender

This is the second post about items that should not be needed on a premium motorcycle. In this case, a fender extension. The stock fender […]

The Emblem

Regular readers of the blog will know that it is often the little things that end up consuming copious amounts of time energy and sometimes […]

Sending Diagnostics

The fuel gauge has never worked in the Vanagon, and I have lived with it. After all, I have had old bikes for years with […]

Low Voltage

There is a routine for storing this vehicle if it will be a while. Disconnect the battery, rather than a trickle charger. I ruined a […]

The Low Lights

Just like the previous generation RT, there is nothing wrong with the Headlight. It is large, and bright, and illuminates the road ahead better than […]

The Low Life

The bike came with the low seat option. Like the rest of the bike, it was in almost as new condition, which is in keeping […]

A Leftover

It was just staring at me there from within the RT storage crate. It had been acquired at some point in time at a swap […]

Tough Tires

The Michelin Defender tires were six years old, and had some visible cracking in two of the sidewalls. The tread, however, was supple and deep. […]


First farkles always include a Ram mount. In this case though, it is not easily solved. The liquid cooled RT has a handlebar arrangement which […]

Slipping Forward

It started in 4th. It felt like a momentary hiccup in drive that then recovered. Soon, it was more frequent, then it was easily producible […]

Trim Trauma

In a silly garage accident, an item fell against the covered car. It did no damage to the body, thanks to the cover, but it […]

Partial PrIvacy

Not being a camper, the Vanagon had no shades or curtains installed. I had seen a kit from GoWesty, but was not sure about the […]

The Mishap

Well it was bound to happen. A super crowded garage, with no real room between vehicles, and a sudden need to get something out. In […]

Turn Signal Economics

They make such a difference. The bulbous appendages are replaced with streamlined units that match the countours of the body. It makes you wonder why […]

Step Pads

Oh, the irony! After sound deadening, layers of insulation in the walls and floor, then flooring or panels, the steps into the van are the […]