Puch 250 SGS

If a particular model lives for 16 years, it is pretty remarkable. It is particularly remarkable if it was launched in 1953, at a time […]

Tornax Motorrader

Tornax was a motorcycle manufacturer from Wuppertal, Germany that was founded in 1922 by Ernst Wewer, but began motorcycle production in 1926. Wewer was a […]

New is Old….Again

It\’s official, we have run out of ideas. Electric cars, not new. Medicinal herbs, not new. Organic food, not new. Driverless cars, not new. Faded […]

On Getting Soaked

It has been a long time since I have gotten really and truly soaked while riding a motorcycle. Years in fact. It happened now and […]

Konig Racer

We covered the Konig marque previously in these pages (see Konig Watercraft to Motorcraft and A Cancelled Combination), but Iron and Air just published a […]

MOA Rally 2018

With all due respect, the state fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa would not be on the top 10 list of places to go see in […]

Rabeneick Rules Rebranding

August Rabeneick started a manufacturing company near Bielefeld (which was the origin for multiple bicycles and motorcycling manufacturers) in 1930. Initially, he produced grinding machines, […]

Cross Continental MZ

For those of us that believe we need to have a well-equipped electronically-assisted modern touring machine in order to contemplate a cross country trip, Kim […]

Martin Classics 2018

This year, for the first time in many, we missed the Martin Moto Classics show. It always coaxes local, and now with growth, regional owners […]

Framo 2-3-4 Wheels

Innovation in frames and platforms was the norm in the early days of the internal combustion engine, and many companies were simply trying to find […]

Collecting Nuances

In visiting museums and collections, I would always be intrigued and amazed by those who were very focused in their acquisitions. Just one marque, or […]

NYC IMS 2017

As seen through the eyes of a vintage enthusiast, this annual pilgrimage is a chance to see what is new and trendy, and to lay […]

NSU Supermax

Neckarsulm Strickmaschinen Union (NSU) emerged from producing knitting machines and bicycles to motorcycles and cars. By the  mid 1950s, NSU had grown to become one […]

The Neander Meander

Ernst Neumann Neander of Duren, Germany was a man of many talents. He was known as an artist, with works in sculpture, painting, and poetry. […]