Because causeway

On a beautiful Saturday morning, appointments room me to an area near the causeway. It was early enough to risk a quick run across and […]

Awning Morning

The Smittybilt awning made its way from the Bay Window to the Vanagon, but never got used. Finally one morning after a coffee run, we […]

A Harmonious Ton

62MPH equals 100KPH, which is technically doing the metric ton. It is not very fast these days, but it is not slow either. It happens […]

A Proving Run

There were two items to be tested, so a nice proving run was in order. A couple of hours out to a point on the […]

Park Pictures

The Vanagon needed some exercise, and my son needed to take some pictures for his college photography class. The theme was a “Park”, so we […]

Concentric Miles

Unlike the many vintage vehicles that I have restored or repaired, the RT has no need for a gradual increase in miles in order to […]

Nothing to Report

The blog looks outdated (almost a year since the last entry), but that is simply because the Coupe outings have not been captured. The truth […]

Testing The Faithful

The thermometer was reading 87 degrees, and it was 7:09am. Google maps said 45 minutes to the destination. Time to crank up the A/C. I […]

On The Road

The /6 was finally liberated from storage, and out for a ride to get all of the fluids flowing. It runs great except for a […]

Cars and Coffee

In a clear test for the car, it is off to a BMW dealership Cars and Coffee event. It is an hour away, with some […]

More Miles

Another concentric circle helps to prove that the fuel issues are now stabilized. It is a beautiful morning for a drive and a stop at […]


It was a great day for roaming around the central part of the state visiting some of the highest points in the state with R90/6 […]

Out and About

An early meeting was a good chance to get some miles with the new mounting position for the phone. Worked out perfectly with the tank […]

Out and About

A good way to run in the new tires was to use the bus for some errands and a business meeting.  The total mileage was […]

A Concentric Circle

In another significant milestone, the bus went out for a 20 mile jog. This was the third larger concentric circle following the 7 miles a […]

Perfect Mileage

Many would describe the perfect day of riding as ideal weather, slightly cool and sunny with clouds here and there, and lovely back roads. Perhaps […]