Audi 100

The combination of companies that were brought together to form Audi have been well covered here before (see A Most Important Failure, Audi F103, NSU […]

First Wankel

In 1963 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, NSU introduced the world’s first production car with a Wankel engine. The Wankel Spider was designed by […]

Audi Fox

1972 introduced a new platform for the Audi 80 dubbed the B1. It was the replacement for the F103 series covered previously in this blog […]

A Most Important Failure

What are some of the hallmarks of modern Audis? Front wheel drive on larger sedans, odd numbers of cylinders, etc. Well many of those attributes […]

Design Number 22

In October 1932, the AISCR (later to become the FIA) announced specifications for a new racing class. It was incredibly simple. A weight limit of […]

Audi F103

The German automotive landscape of the 1960s was an interesting place to be. It seems as if everyone was almost part of, or owner of […]