Tail Lens

A silly accident damaged the tail light lens and a new one had been sitting in the box for months. The replacement process was pretty […]

A Fuel’s Errand

Simplicity is good. Few moving parts, a basic electrical layout, black paint, no frills. This could be a description of the Ford model T, but […]

A Nice History

A very nice article by Curbside Classics about the opportunities and challenges associated with BMW’s postwar V8 evolution. http://www.curbsideclassic.com/automotive-histories/automobile-history-german-deadly-sins-the-bayern-cycle-part-1-bmws-brush-with-death-the-v8-cars/.

Clash of the Marques

It had been a long time since the tribe gathered at the traditional summer breakfast spot along the river. The impending end of the driving […]

Americade 2016

Americade is one of those events that has forever been on the list to attend, but which has never actually happened. Until this year. The […]

Incandescent Incantations

The headlights and tail lights on this car are also weak. The light that they emit would be better described as a bright glow. Incandescence. There is a healthy collection of threads and products on the forums dedicated to improving this aspect of the cult car…

Uber Sedan

On the heels of the Neue Klasse sedans, BMW saw the need for a larger sedan that would comfortably seat 5, and yet would be […]

Fall and Farms

Although the R60 has been out and about a few times recently, there is something magical about how this machine feels when the air gets […]

Back To Bob’s

BMW Motorcycle dealers seem to fall into two basic camps; local/regional dealers, and national dealers. Bob’s is in the latter group. National dealers have recognition […]


Two bikes got exercise thanks to friend Nacho going along for a nice ride and a coffee stop.