Down the Lane

Nashville, Tenessee naturally brings to mind Country Music and the Grand Ole Opry, Whiskey, and the smoky mountains. A great automotive museum ? Not so […]

Framo 2-3-4 Wheels

Innovation in frames and platforms was the norm in the early days of the internal combustion engine, and many companies were simply trying to find […]

A Most Important Failure

What are some of the hallmarks of modern Audis? Front wheel drive on larger sedans, odd numbers of cylinders, etc. Well many of those attributes […]


The DKW RT 250 was a single cylinder model introduced at the Frankfurt motorcycle exhibition in 1951. It was the larger displacement version of the […]

DKW Monza

The DKW Monza was a sports car built on the chassis of the successful DKW 3=6 coupe. It was produced from 1956 to 1958 in […]

Globe Trotting

For many of us who are into vintage iron, there is a deep interest in brands and machines that we have no interest in owning. […]

DKW 350

Dampf Kraff Wagen (DKW) has roots that go back to 1906 in Zschopau, Germany where its founder Jorgen Rassmussen had moved from his native Denmark. […]

The DKW 1000

In the years following WWII, all German manufacturing was just trying to recover. Cars had to be practical and affordable because there were no customers […]