On Getting Grounded

The theme in the garage this week has definitely been grounding. Thematic story number one took place when I found myself locked out of my […]

Defending Appliances

In the late 1950s through the early 1970s, light and nimble were the goals of anyone trying to produce a vehicle that stayed in motion. […]

Roadside Tales #17

Harry (name changed to protect the guilty) studied his reflection in the deep black paint of the Norton’s gas tank, as if it would tell […]

Two Wheels, Two Marques

Classic Velocity has certainly had the good fortune¬†to enjoy some of the most celebrated motorcycle marques at shows and Councourses in all their restored glory. […]

When Small Was Big

They say that everything is relative. That you can’t actually judge or compare anything without a reference point. For so many of us our first […]